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Tata Photon max wifi | photon Plus data card | Docomo 3G Dongle prepaid and postpaid plans.

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Tata Photon Max | Tata Photon Plus | Tata Photon Max Wifi | Docomo 3G Dongle

What is Tata Photon ?

Tata Photon Plus data card is a pen drive like Usb Device, Which you can connect into Pc and start using Intnernet any where across India, where ever Tata Photon network is present.

What is Diffeence between Tata Photon Plus and Tata Photon Max ?

The Main difeerence is speed. Tata photon plus has 3.1 Mbps Speed and Photon Max has 6.2 Mbps Speed, Which is Double than Tata Photon Plus. Tata Photon Plus is available across india in all ciites, but Tata Photon max is available in selected cities, Tata Docomo has recently announced that it will expand ir Photon max netcwork across india. I

What are Roaming charges in Photon Plus and Photon Max ?

National Roaming is Free in Both Tata Photon Plus and Tata Photon Max.

Are there any Difference in Tata Photon Plus Plans and Tata Photon Max Plans ?

At Present the Tata Photon Plans and Tata Photon Max Plans are almost same. The 2GB Plans cost is Rs.450/- and 4GB plan is Rs.750 in Both.

there are also unlimited plans which starts @ Rs.650 in Tata photon plus and @ Rs.750 in Tata Photon max.

So what is Best Photon Max or Tata Photon Plus ?

It depends on you usage, if you usage is to do browsing and little bit downloads and do you do not travel in other cities, then Photon Plus is the best option. But if you want to do Video chatting or video conferencing and you do not travel across country, then photon max is the best option. You can do all this thing by using Photon plys too, but if you require 3G like Speed then go for Tata Photon Max

We Deliver Tata Photon Plus Postpaid and Tata Photon Max Postpaid as well as Prepaid in following cities on same day if you order it before 4pm.,

Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Thane, Mira Bhayander, Kayan - Dombivili , Ambernath, Badlapur, Panvel, Titwala, Goa, New Delhi, Delhi, Ghaziabad, Noida, NCR, Faridabad, Bhubneshwar, Chandigarh, Kolkata, Bangalore, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Pune Vadodara and Hyderabad, View tata photon offers

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TATA Photon Max WiFi

Tata docomo launches a faster, reliable and consistent upgrade of Tata Photon Max in the name of TATA Photon Max WiFi. The Photo Max Wi-Fi can be connected with 5 WiFi enabled devices at a time. TATA Photon Max WiFi provides a download speed of up to 9.8 Mega bytes per second. TATA Photon Max WiFi is the first ever dongle to be powered by a Dual-Core Qualcomm processor. TATA Photon Max WiFi will cover a range of 100 metres with its Hotspot coverage. the device is compatible with Windows 7/XP/Vista/8 or Mac OS X 10.5/10.6/10.7/10.8 and higher. Only CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) users can reap the benefits out of this device All existing customers will automatically be able to access the higher speeds on their network as the network upgrade will be compatible with their existing Photon Max Wi-Fi devices. The Wi-Fi feature allows consumers to create their personal Wi-Fi zones and connects up to five devices simultaneously,

TATA Photon Max WiFi is provided with a free roaming in the country but the speeds vary across 30 cities. In the other 300 cities, 

Customers can also opt for Advance Rental Plan by paying Rs 4999 upfront and get 15GB unlimited data each month for 3 months. Post 3 months, the customer can migrate to the plan of their choice. Customers will have to incur no roaming charges nationally on the use of the new service, it added.

With the demand for high speed data connectivity rapidly rising, this network augmentation will further enable our customers to enjoy high speed data connectivity....Tata Docomo will become one of the leading players to offer Rev. B Phase II network in India,"

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Photon Max Wifi Plans New Delhi

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Photon Plus Plans Mumbai

Photon Plus Plans Bangalore

Photon Plus Plans Pune

Photon Plus Plans Hyderabad

Photon Plus Plans New Delhi

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